Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Travel Tuesday

We have been to Kyiv (or Kiev) many times. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. The legend is that it was founded by three brothers and a sister - Kyi, Shchek,and Lybid . The sculpture above was created for the 1500 year anniversary of Kyiv.

The first time we were in Kyiv was 1997. At that time we saw only the airport, the train station, and one of our teammates apartments. Other times we passed through Kyiv on our way to somewhere else. It was only in the recent 4-5 years we spent more time in Kyiv. Since the church ministries institute moved to Kyiv, we had some of our team retreats there. We also went once to meet with pastors from eastern Ukraine and to go to the embassy to have extra pages put in our passports. Another time, after a team retreat, a few of us went to downtown Kyiv to see the recent conflict memorials.

I know we took photos when we were there in March of 2015 and saw some of the memorials. When I find them I will post them!

Kyiv is a beautiful city. It's off the beaten path of the more touristy places like Prague and Budapest, but it has its own kind of beauty.
Odessa train station
Puzata Hata, a Ukrainian restaurant with good food.

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