Monday, April 10, 2017

Here and there

On March 19 we had a meeting at a supporting church in Ocala FL. We made bread in the afternoon, had meals together, and shared about our ministry in Ukraine. After the evening meal, we partook of the Lord's supper. What a memorable time with brothers and sisters in the Lord! We had a few days break on March 20-23. Cedar Key is a beautiful little place off the west coast of Florida. We did alot of bike riding, visited some parks, went on a Sunset boat tour. There is much history on the little island too. What a great experience! On the way home from Cedar Key, I found out that my mom was in the hospital with a health issue. So we pondered about making a trip up there. I left on March 29 and stayed a week with my family. It was very nice to have time with my mom, dad, and my sisters. Mom is doing better now but please pray for her. We move in about 8 weeks!

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