Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Travel Tuesday

Bratislava and Novy Zamky

We evacuated from Odessa Ukraine due to possible war conditions in March 2014.  We began our trip by flying into Vienna Austria, where some team members from Slovakia met us at the airport and took us to their home.  We stayed with them at their place just outside the capital city for about a week.  The weather was turning springlike so we took many walks and stopped at some small stores to look around.

In the second week we went further away from the capital.  We took a day train to Novy Zamky and our teammate there took us to their home.  It was just the guy and his cat.  His wife was in the US helping their daughter prepare for her wedding.  Novy Zamky was a nice small town.  There were some remnants there of the old communist system, but it was also somewhat modern.  We did alot of walking there as well.  The one day we walked to the falls on the river, it was quite a nice walk.  We also ventured into town a few times, once we ate at a Chinese restaurant where we did not speak Slovak or Chinese.  Thankfully the Slovak Chinese meals were translated into English on the menu, we received what we ordered, and we paid the right amount.

At the end of our stay in Slovakia we spent some time in Bratislava with our regional team leaders. Bratislava is a beautiful little town and isn't overrun with tourists like other cities.  We ate a a Slovak restaurant and I ordered halusky, which my mom made when I was younger.  The restaurant was an old theater which was restored and remodeled into a restaurant.

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