Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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While we were living overseas, we had several opportunities to travel.  Regional conferences, team retreats, vacations, visa trips, and evacuation trips pretty much covered it.

A good place to start is our favorite trips, but we'll only share two, since it's TUESDAY.

GREECE - Thessaloniki region. The weather was beautiful, and we were right on the Aegean Sea. We also went on a bike ride and saw olive trees.  A few ladies invited me to go on a shopping tour and I was able to find a few little souvenirs.

A funny story from Greece - the hotel we stayed at had a few restaurants that you could make reservations and eat there at no extra cost.  So we went with some friends of ours to a place which was about a mile away, up and down hills.  If you know Doug, he has a disability with walking, especially uphill, but he doesn't want special privileges because of it.  One of our friends with us also has a disability.  So after dinner, the men started to leave, but the doormen decide they need to get a golf cart to transport these disabled people (and their wives and friends) back to their hotel.  Doug says to R, the other disabled man, "They are looking out for you, R!"  Since the ladies had caught up by then and I heard what was going on, I said to my husband, "What, you don't think that they are also looking out for you?"  Everyone found that hilarious!  It's what goes on around here, my husband forgets about his "minor" handicap, and others want to pamper him!

BULGARIA - near Varna.  What an amazingly beautiful area!  A different view of the Black Sea, since we lived near the same sea in Odessa.  A group of us went on a tour of Nessabar, an old city near the coast of the sea.

This last one was a sign on one of the stores!

What countries or areas did you visit?  Any amazing stories?

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